Fire Investigation

A typical investigation will include case research, interviewing of witnesses, examination analysis and interpretation of physical evidence culminating in a presentable, illustrated and easy- to-read technical report.

Upon instruction to investigate a fire incident, you will be notified of your appointed investigator who will be available and accessible to you throughout the investigation. Your investigator will be on-site at the earliest opportunity, immediately in critical circumstances, to physically examine the scene and damaged loss.

In cases of vehicle fire investigation, the vehicle is more often examined in a salvage facility at a later date. Your investigator will undertake background research to identify the supply chain (manufacturer, repairer etc) to ensure they are provided with reasonable opportunity to attend a joint examination. Any significant physical evidence would be secured and retained in safe storage for laboratory analysis. Photographic proof is retained to show the incident subject and significant evidence.

Once the investigation is complete a technical report will be written, including photographic sequence to support the report findings.

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