Autonomous vehicles

By February 19, 2016Uncategorized
Autonomous vehicles – govt to announce a trial of driverless lorries on M6 will take place later this year

The Times is reporting that in next weeks Budget, George Osborne will announce a trial of driverless HGVs as part of a technological revolution on the roads.

It is believed the trial will be later this year or early next year on a quiet section of the M6 near Carlisle with “platoons” of up to ten computer-controlled lorries being driven just metres apart.

These automated lorry convoys are part of government plans to speed up deliveries and cut congestion and will be included in a wider funding boost for research into driverless and connected vehicles.

Automated lorries have long been talked about as the future of transport but now Britain appears set to test them in a real life environment.


A high-tech network of cameras, sensors and data will control the automated lorries as they takes to the roads next year.

The vehicle uses a two-part radar system and a camera which can read road markings to help it navigate. A narrow radar beams 820ft down the road to see vehicles ahead, judge their speed and maintain distance.

In the middle distance, the camera tracks lines on the road and signs ahead to make sure the vehicle stays in lane. At present the truck does not overtake of its own volition.

A shorter and wider-range radar system also scans a portion of the road directly ahead, the camera can also provide a feed to the driver inside the truck.