A London bus powered by bio-diesel produced from spent coffee grounds sourced at coffee shops, transport hubs, offices and factories is to be revealed soon, rumours suggest. Bio-Bean – an eco-friendly company – produces a range of fuels from this high energy, renewable, resource to sooth your environmental conscience.
The United Kingdom produces five-hundred thousand tonnes of coffee grounds per-annum. There is a fashionable coffee shop culture, after all. One tonne produces enough fuel to run a bus for a day. Despite this, most is sent to landfill where it emits methane – a greenhouse gas twenty-eight times more potent than carbon dioxide.
Coffee collection and recycling
Bio-Bean, therefore, launched a nationwide collection service and opened a recycling factory in 2015. It can now process fifty-thousand tonnes of grounds per-annum which is equivalent to one in ten cups consumed in The United Kingdom.