An investigation carried out into MOT pass rates across the UK found that the City of Discovery has the joint-worst failure rate alongside Kirkcaldy.
Motorists in the city are most likely to have their cars fail on suspension, while brakes are twice as likely to fail compared with elsewhere in the country.
On average, nearly one in every two cars — 45.5% — will fail its MOT, far above the national failure rate of 36.1%.
Mike Laidlaw, owner of the Discovery Auto Services garage in the city centre, says that Dundonians tend to own cars for longer.
As a result, cars fail MOTs because of long-term components such as brake calipers and suspension arms failing due to the car’s age.
The report also revealed which makes of car are most likely to pass or fail their MOT in Dundee.
Romanian car manufacturer Dacia has the city’s best pass rate, with 77% of cars passing first time.
However, the company is relatively new, and since new cars only need to have an MOT carried out after three years, only 257 Dacias have been tested in Dundee.
Minis and Porsches also perform well with nearly three-quarters passing first time — although the number of cars being assessed is small.
Vauxhall and Ford are the most popular makes of car in the study — but nearly half of Fords and more than half of Vauxhalls need retests.
Cars made by Renault, Saab and Rover are least likely to pass.