Changes lie ahead for every Jaguar model as the brand makes significant range adjustments to cater for a very different automotive future.
We’ve revealed details of the J-Pace, which will go head-to-head with the Porsche Cayenne, but there are eight other new cars set to land in the coming years.
Here’s a summary of what will happen and when:-
XE – Heading for renewal in 2021. Slow sales in Europe have been partly offset by better UK performance, but new long-wheelbase version for China will do most to make it successful.
XF – Original new-gen Jag sells slower than hoped, although Sportbrake (estate) helps in Europe. Like XE, performance of long-wheelbase model in China will be key. New model due 2022-2023.
F-Type – Admired for looks and dynamics, F-Type hasn’t pleased everyone with its pricing. New model due 2020 and some say it’ll have a new own-brand straight six. Hybrid has been promised.
F-Pace – Jag’s Porsche Macan fighter is two years old and selling strongly, notably in US. Next move will be a plug-in hybrid in 2019, around the time of a facelift. Full revision is in the plan for 2022-2023.
E-Pace – Smallest member of SUV family (above) is set to become its biggest seller, and drive profits, but there are lots of decent rivals. Market sector keeps growing, though. Next action is 2020 hybrid; mid-life tweak 2021-ish.
I-Pace – Big bet on all-electric tech for the future; certain to start a family but Jag won’t confirm that yet. Made by Magna Steyr in Austria for now but success would see it made in UK and possibly China and India too.
XJ – New all-electric expression of original Jag limo that was always a trend-setter. Due 2019. Probably also to be made by Magna because it’ll use I-Pace running gear and volume won’t be great.
J-Pace – Most luxurious of Jag’s SUV family will be lower and more road-focused than any Land Rover but will draw on Range Rover and Range Rover Sport for platform and running gear. Similar pricing.
XK – Possible reprise of famous coupé name could be a candidate for all-electric powertrain pioneered in I-Pace, using XJ saloon look and architecture. See it as what former XJC was to original XJ saloon.