DVLA data obtained shows that as of the third quarter of 2017, silver cars made up just over a fifth (21%) of all cars on Britain’s roads and that the total number of licensed cars had grown by 1.5m to just over 32.3m.

However, black reinforced its second place with a 7% increase (495,909 units) to 6.4m registered cars – making up 20% of all cars. The top three is once again completed by blue which enjoyed a 2% growth of (100,124) to 5.8m vehicles, which represents 18% of the total.
Grey was the fourth most popular with 4.3m cars on the road in late 2017, up 16% (576,117) on the first quarter of 2016. White, however, is still the fastest growing colour in terms of pure numbers, leapfrogging red to jump in fifth on the list. There are now 3.6m motorists driving white cars, a 27% increase on early 2016, which means white cars make up 11% of all cars driven.