Northern Assessors Report Detail

The reports and images provided sufficient detail to enable us to progress the claim.

Northern Assessors authorised if we asked them to, or provided reasons if they were unable to do so.

They checked the damage related to accident circumstances, provided us with the anticipated repair durations, advised if it was a borderline repair and the equity remaining before it becomes a total loss, checked VAT status and provided helpful information where the TP vehicle was a taxi.

Where we had provided specific instructions Northern Assessors were providing their responses.

Customer Services Controller Comments

A positive audit for Northern Assessors and it is clear that the service provided to the Insurer client is quick, accurate and is on the whole to a good quality. General feedback from the claims teams is that they are pleased with the interaction they have with Northern Assessors and they receive quality reports in a timely manner which assists with their proactive claims handling approach.