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Automobile fire investigations

Automobile fire investigations

An appointed investigator will be assigned to the fire incident and will take control from the outset; attending the scene in a timely manner to perform a physical examination and ascertain the extent of any loss or damage. The appointed investigator will then remain available and accessible throughout the entire investigation process.

Joint investigations are often mutually beneficial, therefore it is important that fire damaged vehicles are examined in collaboration with motor technicians and other relevant agencies. The appointed investigator will perform background checks to ascertain who should attend and facilitate any photographic or physical evidence: this will be retrieved and transported for safe retention and laboratory analysis.

The investigation will culminate in a technical report which brings together the component parts of the entire investigation and will include a clearly referenced and chronological account with evidence supported with high quality photographs and images.

Technical Reporting

The findings of an automobile fire investigation must be supported by the production of a clear, professionally produced technical report – this should include:

  • Witness interview statements
  • Physical evidence
  • Interpretation and analysis of evidence
  • Case research
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Call us for more information 01484 864430

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I would just like to thank you and everyone at Northern Assessors for helping me out.

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Thank you for the report on this case. It was fantastic and contained everything I had requested and so clear.

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