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Imaging Service

Imaging Service

As well as a physical inspection service, Northern Assessors also provide a remote digital image inspection service using the Audatex AudaEnterprise estimating system. The remote digital image inspection service offers full control over the repairs.

AudaEnterprise enables you to generate a variety of productivity reports from a single database of all networked assessments, including TTS and MACE- subject to the terms of specific work-provider contracts.

This flagship estimating service, covering approximately 80% of the UK repair market, is a centralised, web-based, multi-user system. Designed to streamline the process for all parties, it provides a faster, more efficient approach to the whole estimate calculation, communication and management process.

Key features:-

  • Containment of claim costs
  • Full Audit Facility
  • Prompt economic, non-physical inspection of damaged vehicles
  • Early identification of vehicles requiring physical inspection
  • Prompt negotiation and agreement of settlement

Telephone lines open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:30

Telephone lines open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:30

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I would just like to thank you and everyone at Northern Assessors for helping me out.

Dean Goddard

Thank you for the report on this case. It was fantastic and contained everything I had requested and so clear.

Supplier Complaints Executive

If everyone’s reports were like Northern’s we’d be really happy: they’re clear and concise, they cover every point we / the customer raises and it helps us to settle complaints efficiently. Northern are really good to work with.


Many thanks for turning this one around so quickly, customer is very happy!


’I’ve just spoke with someone from the team regarding your service who also gave good feedback and raised no issues……. it has been a good transition and a welcome change from our previous service so thank you !

Feedback from our newest Principal
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