Investigation and reconstruction 

Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is probably the most challenging area of our work, given that the exact circumstances of an accident can never be entirely known. Not only that, but often we are trying to piece together the clues of the incident many months afterwards.

It is our job to advise on the most probable sequence of events leading up to an accident. We do this by identifying and then putting together the facts like pieces of a jigsaw.

Our Accident Reconstruction Specialists will start by scrutinising the file, and will form an approximate idea of what happened from the police report, statements from drivers and witnesses, and any other evidence it contains. At this stage we are usually in a position to advise our instructing solicitors of a fairly accurate assessment of our final fee for approval.

Our investigation can then move to the scene where we will record in detail the road layout, the condition of the road surface, tyre marks, evidence of impact damage and an extensive check list of relevant facts and local conditions.

Armed with notes, measurements and photographs from different directions, our Reconstruction Specialists will then compile their report and back it up with a full plan in sketch form or to scale if required.

Our routine Accident Locus Inspections provide with a full report, plan and photographs.

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