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Locus Reports

Locus Reports

We act for Insurers, Solicitors, and Private Individuals through the UK to gather evidence on road traffic accidents to either support or disprove a claim. Our specialist investigative support services will visit the scene and compile all the necessary information and evidence to formulate a full Locus Report. This will usually involve the taking of measurements, preparation of a sketch-plan and obtaining photographic evidence.

All of our agents are fully trained and experienced in this type of evidence gathering. The agent who is assigned to the case investigation will be able to provide a detailed sketch of the accident scene from which we will prepare an in-house AutoCAD type drawing for use in court or service on the other party.

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) investigation

Our Road Traffic Accident (RTA) investigation and Locus Report services save our principals time and ultimately resources. Instead of instructing different companies to carry out different investigative tasks. We can provide the full package.

To speak to a specialist at Northern Assessors about our Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) investigation, Locus Report provision or any of our other legal support services, please call 01484 864430.

Call us for more information 01484 864430
Call us for more information 01484 864430

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I would just like to thank you and everyone at Northern Assessors for helping me out.

Dean Goddard

Thank you for the report on this case. It was fantastic and contained everything I had requested and so clear.

Supplier Complaints Executive

If everyone’s reports were like Northern’s we’d be really happy: they’re clear and concise, they cover every point we / the customer raises and it helps us to settle complaints efficiently. Northern are really good to work with.


Many thanks for turning this one around so quickly, customer is very happy!

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