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Post Repair/Rectification Inspections

Post Repair/Rectification Inspections

Usually via the client or motoring organisations, we provide a general opinion as to the condition of the vehicle following a visual inspection and road test. This service is available to private clients and also extends to assessing pre-accident vehicle values, post-accident repair inspections and prior to warranty expiry checks.

We are also able to advise on the appropriate purchase price of any vehicle and to comment on its future expected life. Classic and collectors vehicles are included in this area of expertise.

Call us for more information 01484 864430
Call us for more information 01484 864430

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I would just like to thank you and everyone at Northern Assessors for helping me out.

Dean Goddard

Thank you for the report on this case. It was fantastic and contained everything I had requested and so clear.

Supplier Complaints Executive

If everyone’s reports were like Northern’s we’d be really happy: they’re clear and concise, they cover every point we / the customer raises and it helps us to settle complaints efficiently. Northern are really good to work with.


Many thanks for turning this one around so quickly, customer is very happy!

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